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Welcome to the NCS Family

    Parent Testimonials

    “We couldn’t be more grateful for the education and spiritual mentorship our daughters have been gifted with at this school. What a feeling it is to know that even during the summer breaks, there are teachers praying for the souls of my children. They hold the children to a high standard but with so much grace. Our children LOVE it here!”


    “We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to send our children to NCS. It is so powerful to have a school that incorporates biblical application into a strong academic curriculum.  NCS creates an environment where children can thrive in all aspects. We appreciate the school so much. It is so evident that each teacher and staff member aims to connect with each student, encourages growth in their relationship with the Lord & is so devoted into making them succeed.  Thank you NCS!”


    “I thank God for the blessing of being apart of the NCS family. We can feel God’s love and care for our son and family. We are very grateful that the focus is on Jesus Christ as our Savior!”