Mrs. Leanna Knesnik


The Education Committee is committed to providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience that brings glory and honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished, in part, as we endeavor to protect the integrity of the NCS community, by ensuring that our families, faculty, and staff trust in Jesus Christ, actively participate in a Bible-believing church, and embrace the provisions of the school constitution.

Additionally, we provide support to our teachers and staff in their efforts to bring spiritual and academic growth and encouragement to our students.

Finally, the Education Committee focuses on the oversight and ongoing evaluation of the entire curricular spectrum at Northwest Christian School, through collaborative efforts with our subcommittee, the Curriculum Committee.

Verse:Ephesians 3:16-19

Committee:Education Committee Chair

Mr. Tom Johnson

Vice President

The Building and Grounds Committee’s function is to oversee the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the physical structure and grounds of the school. 

Verse:Proverbs 3:25

Committee:Building and Grounds Chairperson

Mr. Joshua Seifert


The Finance Committee seeks to balance and monitor income with expenses, both cash flow and budget.  We seek to balance the costs of maintaining and upgrading our facilities, student’s actual education costs, and our teacher’s salaries while striving to maintain an affordable education. 

Our focus is to ensure staff salaries and benefits are as competitive as possible, increase non-tuition sources of income, manage the tuition assistance program, enhance the financial stability of the school, and allow appropriate funding for capital improvements, all in accordance with the strategic vision of Northwest Christian School.

Verse:Philippians 4:6-8

Committee:Finance Committee Chairperson

Mrs. Nanette Turner


The Technology Committee is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the school’s computer network, security systems, and phone/communications systems.

It is the desire of the Technology Committee to always keep the students, faculty & staff at Northwest Christian School in front of cutting edge technology, to continually improve upon our technology infrastructure, and to provide ongoing support of our student’s understanding of this technology infrastructure.  

Verse:I Samuel 12:24

Committee:Technology Committee Chair

Mr. Tor Andersen

Mr. Tor Andersen

Board Member

The purpose of the Event Planning Committee is to provide a focused approach to all phases of development and execution for Northwest Christian School sponsored events.  Our committee’s goal is to provide the families of NCS with fundraising, enrichment, and fellowship opportunities that are consistent with the strategic plan and future growth of NCS.  

Our desire is to provide opportunities to foster relationships among families and staff at NCS, and also to introduce NCS to new families within the community.

Committee:Events Planning Committee Chair

Mr. Miguel Aviles

Mr. Miguel Aviles

Board Member

The Safety Committee ensures the physical safety of each student and staff member is safeguarded each day while at school. They oversee and assist with all student safety drills as needed, and continues to seek out ways to monitor, inform and provide parents with resources for a variety of safety topics.

Committee:Security Committee Chair

Mr. Dennis Marine

Mr. Dennis Marine

Board Member

The purpose of the policy committee is to review current practices and develop policies for Northwest Christian School.

Committee:Policy Committee Chair

Mr. Brian Okken

Mr. Brian Okken

Board Member

Committee:Curriculum Committee Chair

Mr. Rich Parodi

Board Member

The Communications Committee seeks to promote Northwest Christian School through the development and implementation of marketing/marketing communications/public relations strategies to increase awareness of NCS within Sussex County.

The Communications Committee strives to create a strong, positive public profile of NCS by ensuring consistency of our communications, and informing our audiences of the educational experience offered at Northwest Christian School. 

Our Committee also provides internal communications support for the NCS Organization, and implements marketing communications strategies in service to our NCS families, the Board of Education’s Events Planning Committee, and the NCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF).

Verses:John 1:1-5

Committee:Communications Committee Chair